Common Mistakes a First-Time Homebuyer Makes

26-year old Montgomery County native Brian was closing his first home purchase. This is a joyous occasion that should be celebrated but instead, the horrors that were left behind started creeping up on him. After moving in to his house, Brian realized how he betrayed he felt by his real estate agent. The broker missed pointing out a broken window which forced Brian to replace it. It doesn’t end there either. After three years his ventilating and air conditioning system needed to be replaced which caused him to fork over thousands of dollars. What should have been a reason to celebrate quickly turned to disaster. Before you begin shopping for your home, consider these

Perform Thorough Research on a Real-Estate Agent

When you initially want to inquire about finding a great deal for a home, you contact a real estate agent. The process of choosing the right agent is crucial for how much you will end up spending in the long run. Your agent works to find you the best deal based on your interests. Proper research must be done because you could potentially end up with an agent that sells you a house full of hidden damages.

Be Prepared Financially

You can’t stress enough about how much homes cost. Many people feel as though they are financially comfortable only to find out the true costs of being a homeowner. Budget carefully and plan months ahead for anything. You don’t want to be stuck in debt and have to dig yourself out of a huge hole.

Create a Budget Report

Before you go on and picture all of the remodeling and everything that you plan to change around the house, prepare a budget. There is enough on your plate with payments; you don’t want to overspend on furnishings only to end up struggling. Create a report detailing all of the costs added up along with your income to balance it out. Try and stay below a 35% debt-to-income ratio.

Bio: Kuba Jewgieniew is the head of Realty ONE Group, a real estate brokerage firm that maximizes their agents’ potential to succeed by utilizing a dynamic platform with a regard to success.