Purchasing the Right Sofas and Cushions Can Benefit Your Health

Have you experienced intense discomfort and soreness after getting up from your sofa? At first, you might blame it on the design of the chair, or even the sofa seat cushions that are within it. But, you may have to conclude that the chair just isn’t right for you. This is where ergonomic home seating may benefit you. Now, many manufacturers are turning to ergonomics due to their spine-friendly features. Unlike your regular office furnishings, which tend to cater to only the most basic ergonomic support, home décor can be relatively bad for your musculosketal health. This will result in a variety of aches and pains that may even require a chiropractor.

The Injurious Household Furnishings

Typically, when homeowners look to design their home, they want to purchase what looks good, what fits, and what matches. They tend to forget that they’re going to have to sit on it for possibly long periods of time. The impact that the sofa has on the body is worth more than money can buy. And, to make matters worse, many homeowners tend to attribute these aches and pains to getting older or a previous injury – when it’s really their furniture pieces.

Support and Comfort

When you purchase furniture, you’re going to have extended body contact, so you should purchase one with the same mentality as when you’re buying new shoes. You’ll want a product that provides support, comfort, and cushion. But, finding what is ideal for your body can be a challenge in today’s market. Home furnishings are marketed in a way that promotes style, rather than ergonomics. For example, one of the products that are constantly marketed is a pillow chair with a couch foam that allows you to sink in, providing immediate relief – as far as you’re concerned. However, continuously placing your body in an awkward position pulls down on both the spine and pelvis, which causes immense strain on the body. This becomes exacerbated by the amount of effort that is required to get in and out of this so-called chair.

The first thing that you’ll want to look for in a new sofa is firmness. Don’t mistake firm for a wooden chair, but firm cushioning that will support you over a range of compression points. Your body tends to have various contact points that will exert more or less pressure. You’ll also want to own furniture that will hold you in an upright position so you will be vertically aligned with your ears over your shoulders.
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