Tips for Repairing Your Door

Repairing Your DoorDoors can get weathered over time. When it’s time to repair your beloved door, make sure you do it the right way. Here are some tips that will get you started.

Lay Your Door Flat

Lay your door flat on two sawhorses. If you rest them on lag screws on each end, you can easily paint both sides in one day just by flipping it over. Laying them flat also ensures that dripping and paint sags will not occur.

Clean Carefully

By cleaning your door with a heavy-duty house cleaner, you will get the best paint adhesion. Make sure you get all of the oils and dirt near the doorknob; years of build up make this spot a necessity.

Use Primer

Using primer across your door helps new paint stick better. If you want your topcoat to look smooth and even, make sure you prime from top to bottom.

Look for Missed Spots

If you shine a bright light at an angle, it will highlight the flaws in your door. You can then take action to sand, blemish, etc.

This is important for maintaining an even appearance to your door. By paying attention to small, intricate details, you can be sure that its end-result will surpass your expectations.


Sanding in between paint coats helps give you a smooth topcoat. By using 180- or 200-grit non-clogging sandpaper and following it with a damp cloth, you will ensure a smooth finish. (Make sure to use non-clogging sandpaper.)

Wrapping It Up

It can be difficult to determine when you should place your door back in its frame. Not only do you want to keep all your hard work intact, but for safety reasons also. Your door represents your house’s front façade and also speaks about your personality as well. By maintaining it, you can be sure that it speaks for itself.

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