Tips on how to choose outdoor cushions

wickerparadise6Written by Wicker Paradise

An outdoor living space can give you an additional room in your home. To make your outdoor space functional and comfortable, it is best to equip your room with the right furniture. Making your space comfortable has a lot to do with adding good quality furniture cushioning. Therefore, here are some top tips on how to choose cushions for your outdoor space.

Choose a theme that will last you a few seasons – Since you don’t want to be changing your cushioning often, it is best to consider a theme that you are comfortable with in the long term. This would mean that you should opt for neutral colors with few accents.

Use your surroundings – Look at your space and see what you have in it at the moment. For example, if you have a patio that has a lot of greenery, you could opt for patio furniture cushions in white, beige or burnt orange.

Choose comfortable and durable materials – Remember that outdoor furniture will be exposed to harsh elements and so will your outdoor cushions. Look out for 100% “Sunbrella” acrylic fabric or other water resistant fabrics that can withstand at least 2,000 hours of direct sun exposure.

Choose flexible styles – Choose styles that are flexible, for example, benches are great to add additional seating or they can be used as a table for food or glasses. Wicker furniture sets are also a good choice because they are comfortable and changing your theme can be easy as changing the color of your cushioning.


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